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Published on June 28th, 2016 | by Ryan Estes


Stephen Rodgers Counseling of Denver My practice uses a variety of evidenced based treatment approaches. I work to match the best treatment approach that will work for the individual client and his or her goals. Many of us feel naturally anxious about starting therapy. Here is some useful information on how therapy works. I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your goals, answer questions and discuss the therapy process.

My treatment approaches include:

EMDR | Cognitive-Behavioral therapy | Psychodynamic | Family Systems Therapy | Play and Art Therapy


Treatment specialization includes:

Men’s Issues | Relationship issues | Anger Control | Depression and anxiety | Panic Attacks/Panic Disorder | Trauma and PTSD | Stages of Life Issues


Treatment specialization includes:

Art Therapy (which helps children express and explore their thoughts and feelings) | ADHD | Anxiety and Depression | Behavioral issues

School performance | Sexual Abuse | Emotional Regulation | Trauma | Emotional Issues Related to Learning Disabilities


Treatment specialization includes:

Family Discord | Divorce and Separation | Grief and Loss

At Stephen Rodgers Counseling of Denver, our services are diverse and are applied depending on the type of emotional stress our clients are seeking treatment for. We specialize in therapy for adult men, art & play therapy for children, EDMR trauma therapy and more in Denver, Colorado.Our office is conveniently located in Cherry Creek.

Schedule a consultation by giving us a call at 720-295-4233


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